"Lori is an amazing healer. I had no idea how badly I needed a physical therapist after having children until one day I heard Lori speak about diastasis recti and how women do not have to just accept a 'mommy belly.' I had been working out and dieting to try to flatten my abdomen, only to find out that diet and exercise will not repair this type of injury. In fact, some exercises can exacerbate it! Lori came to my home and performed an easy exam to determine that I do have diastasis recti from having carried two large baby boys and gave me exercises to repair this injury. I am so pleased with the results and I am on the road to recovery from my diastasis recti without having to have surgery. After our PT sessions, Lori has offered me some meditation and I cannot tell you how healing and wonderful it has been for my mind and soul. Whenever I am stressed, I lay down in the place where Lori and I do that mediation and I am able to calm my mind and chase away any negative feelings. Lori really focuses on taking care of women and helping them with all the stresses in life that can overwhelm us. I recommend Lori to the highest degree! She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and has an incredible spirit. You will not be disappointed!"

-Kristen C.

"Lori is amazing! I had been going to a different pelvic floor physical therapist who diagnosed me with a bladder prolapse. This didn't seem right to me so I contacted Lori for a second opinion. After explaining my symptoms on the phone, Lori suspected I had a prolapsed uterus and recommended that I see a Urogynecologist for a proper diagnosis (I didn't even know this specialty existed). Furthermore, she told me about a device called a pessary that the gynecologist could fit me with that would help to keep the prolapse in place and would help me perform my exercises better. I went and she was 100% right! I feel so much better and only wish that I found her sooner!"

-Dorothy L.

If you think there's even a chance you might benefit from core and pelvic conditioning (after childbirth or otherwise) you will not believe the benefits of sessions with Lori.  More than boot camps, core classes etc (I committed hard to six months of those)
Lori has an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the muscle groups of these areas and takes the time to systematically assess function through active and passive exam techniques. She is efficient at helping you learn "homework" exercises to effectively isolate the affected muscle groups (this was not happening in group exercise classes!). I learned from Lori how critical it is to regain proper conditioning of core and pelvic floor to optimize function before the aging process sets in.  (Translation if you're leaking urine now, it becomes a much more slippery slope!).  Lori also evaluated my 2 year old sciatica pain (from pregnancy) and administered a cupping therapy.  At the end of the session was an unexpected yet amazing guided relaxation with aromatherapy.  Just the treat a mom and lady deserves! Think physical therapy meets personal training meets mini spa relaxation treat. I finally learned to effectively isolate and strengthen my muscle groups and I left sessions with her feeling re-energized.  I am an RN and I have learned a lot from Lori about core and pelvic floor health and I am inspired by her passion and her holistic approach to these women's health issues.

Jen L.