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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Typically after having children or having surgery involving the abdominal area, urinary incontinence can become an issue.  Most of the time Md's will say that this is normal.  Well, we are here to tell you that although it may be normal after having one of these situations happen to you it IS NOT normal for it to remain.  If left untreated...

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Pre-Post Natal Care

Taking care of your body through any stage of pregnancy pre/post is a very important step to a mother's health.  When working with Lori she will help assist you not only in maintaining your current state of health but will also help in preparing your body for the birth of your baby as well as recovering from labor.

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Stress Management & Revitalization

Whether your trying to get pregnant or are busy with all of your mom responsibilities managing stress is a very important component to maintaining vibrant energy and health.  

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IVF Consultation

Making the decision to go through with IVF is not an easy decision for most people and Lori knows this first hand as she and her husband were faced with having to make this decision for themselves.  Going through the process of IVF comes with a lot of questions and unknowns.  

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