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Lori makes sure all of her patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. During your first visit, Lori will review your medical history and complete an evaluation. Based on the findings from the evaluation Lori will develop a specific treatment protocol to treat the dysfunctions found during the evaluation.  Follow up visits and recommended frequency of treatment will be determined and discussed with you after the completion of the evaluation   

Please fill out the New Patient Form and submit it to Lori prior to your evaluation. 

Additionally, please review the Consent to Treat Form and bring it to your first appointment. 


Yu Physical Therapy is a fee-for-service provider meaning we collect payment at time of service (cash, check or credit card).  Lori provides services in the comforts of your home.

$185.00  for Initial Evaluation

$160.00  for 1 hr follow up appointment

$50.00 for cancellations less than 24 hrs notice

$75.00 for IVF consultation via phone or skype


If you are interested in knowing your potential level of reimbursement for Physical Therapy services please contact your insurance provider and inquire about their coverage for "out of network physical therapy", as well as any deductibles.  

We will be more than happy to email you an itemized bill of your services received that you can submit to your insurance company.


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