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IVF Consultations

Making the decision to go through with IVF is not an easy decision for most people and Lori knows this first hand as she and her husband were faced with having to make this decision for themselves.  Going through the process of IVF comes with a lot of questions and unknowns which is why Lori offers 30 or 60 minute consultations to answer any questions you may have regardless of where you stand in your IVF process.  Although questions are very personal and individualized below are a few general FAQ's that are often asked.  These FAQ's  are meant to be used as a guide only and not as medical advice. We highly recommend that you discuss your case with your doctor.  


How do I know if I should consider IVF as an option?  There is no one answer to this question and is of course very specific to each individual and the difficulties one may be having.  IVF is an option when ovarian reserve is low and this can be tested through 3 hormones. They are FSH (follicle stimulating hormone),  AFC (antral follicle count) and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone).  AFC and AMH are the two best indicators for determining ovarian reserve. For more information about these test please talk with your doctor. 

What should I expect to pay for medications?  Medications for a 1 month supply can be between $5000.00- $7000.00.  It is always best to shop around and most of the time the medication will need to be purchased through a compounded pharmacy.  

How long is a cycle of IVF?  From the start of pre-cycle to egg retrieval is approximately 6-10 weeks.   Please visit www.goivf.com for more specific information.

What is a typical number of embryos retrieved?  This is dependent on the age of the women.

What testing is required before performing IVF?   Depending on the complications one may be experiencing your Md will decide on a variety of blood tests as well as genetic testing.  

Is there a specific diet I need to follow when doing IVF?  Yes, typically one that is gluten and dairy free to decrease inflammation and includes organic meats, fruits and vegetables to keep the body free from toxins.