General Pelvic Health Tips

  1. COVER- DON’T HOVER:  hovering over toilet seats can lead to pelvic floor weakness which leads to stress induced incontinence.  Leaking with coughing, laughing sneezing.  It can also cause UTI’s (urinary tract infections.)

  2. TIMING OF BOWEL AND BLADDER MOVEMENTS: It’s ok to hold off the sensation of urine.  It IS NOT OK to push off urges     for bowel movements.  Holding off the urge can lead to constipation and pelvic floor weakness due to the added pressure in the abdomen and on the pelvic floor muscles leading to incontinence.  

  3. SITTING TO LONG:  sitting for prolonged periods of time leads to pelvic floor weakness.  Get that standing desk, get up for breaks and walk around or better yet come to Brien Shamp’s Boot Camp if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  4. PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE:  a prolapse (aka POP) is where the uterus, rectum or bladder hangs down within the pelvic floor and or protrudes outside of the body.  Inversions such as feet up the wall, shoulder or head stands can help assist getting the organs back in place in addition to having a pelvic floor strengthening program prescribed by a Pelvic Floor PT.  Don’t know what inversions are come to my 8:00 AM yoga class Sunday mornings at Brien Shamp’s Bootcamp.

  5. AVOID THESE 3 IRRITANTS:  Alcohol, Coffee & Carbonated Drinks - these 3 beverages irritate the bladder leading to more frequent urination which can be difficult when you already suffer from stress or urge incontinence. 

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